cybercat_art (cybercat_art) wrote,

Updates !

Current Commission Status in no particular order:

1: Jim Strickland : 2 color commissions: Not started yet.

2: Aric Cannon : Wolf on beach color: Penciled.

3: Jon Parriott : Raven Color sketch : Colored and getting ready to be mailed.

4: Sean West : Badge Blaze: Colored and being edited.

5: Inali Henson: Char Commission: INKED !

6: Daniel Fordham: Badge / Inked / Colored commissions. 1st Commission done. 2nd. Working on it.

7: Shin Akira : Inked Commission : Colored. Done.

8: GoldFur : Coloring / Inprogress.

(in no particular order)

Dizziness: Waiting for reference Art: Still waiting for reference art!

Koogrr : Gift: Dnd Char Panetia : Not started yet.

Winged Siamese : Trade: Concept Sketched

PsuedoManatu :Trade : Lioness: Not started yet

Brighttail : Gift : Pie fight: Not started yet

Ahhh did I forget any one?
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