cybercat_art (cybercat_art) wrote,

Commission Updates!

Commission Updates and waiting list :

Jim's Commission : Done
Mindy's Commission : Done - Waiting final Payment. Please contact me asap!

Foxonian 's Cassie : In Progress: Penciling.
Newenglander comic : Sketching.
Newenglander commission: Sketching.
J.Pittman Charsheet: Sketching.
R. Wright Fight commission: Sketching.
M. Briels : Sketching.

Upon Raven Wing : Waiting on responce to edits.
Chael : Coloring , nearly done.

Publication work:
Comic for RS. : In progress.

Thank you for your patience and support!

Commissions are closed until I finish these up.
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This seems to be the right place to ask about an update on my badge I asked for at this years furfight.
Sorry about that. Seem to have trouble logging on to LJ here. I was the one who asked about the Gray wolf/German shepard cross. He was to be dressed as a pilot with a part of plane in the background.
Heyas. I haven't gotten to yours yet i'm afraid. I had about 25 items to do but I've tackled about a 1/3rd of them. Your request for the background of the badge made it something I'd need to do a lot of research on, and you were towards the end of my list. I am sorry for how long it's taking, however I am working just about every day on commissions. I'll be sure to email you a sketch as soon as I can!! my email addy is cybercatgraphics at yahoo dot com, you can reach me there faster.